sensāsana® is a methodical and sensitive approach to yogāsana from Michael Bridge-Dickson, emphasizing inner experience to awaken body intelligence.

Michael has been teaching yoga since 2004, following a 10-year career as a classically trained dancer.

An articulate communicator with a knack for connecting various aspects of yoga practice, Michael uses his keen eye for detail, methodical view of progressive sequencing, and adaptive prop use to awaken body intelligence.

Michael finds that the true joy of teaching is in aiding practitioners to continually find new and sensational ways to safely explore by deepening their understanding of themselves, from body to being.

Each and every body is a repository of immense wisdom — stored within our nervous systems. The key to readily accessing this wisdom is through our senses, connecting us with everything we think, do, feel, and are.

This practice intimately involves the mind as an active participant in the yoga process, where investigation into the body does not stop at the “what” and “how” of yogāsana, but continues deeper into the “why” — where āsana makes sense.

Learn more at sensasana.com.

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