Stretch your arms

© Michael Bridge-Dickson

Stretch your arms.

Stretch from your wrists to your fingertips.
Stretch from your forearms through
your wrists to your fingertips.

Stretch the backs of your forearms.
Stretch the fronts of your forearms, too.
Remember the sides of your forearms,
stretching from them through
your wrists, your hands,
your fingers.

Stretch your arms from your elbows.
From elbows to fingertips, stretch stretch, stretch.
Stretch the skin inside your elbows,
the folds behind your elbows,
stretch them all out.

Stretch your arms from your shoulders,
from your chest, from your shoulder blades,
from the depth of your armpits,
from your shoulder crease,
from your neck,

Stretch your arms from your ribs.
Your side ribs, your front ribs,
your back ribs, your ribs!
From your sternum,
from your spine.

Stretch your arms
from your hips, from your front hips, your pubis,
your back pelvis, from your sacrum,
stretch your arms.

Stretch your arms from your outer thighs
your front thighs, your back thighs, your inner thighs.
Stretch your arms from your calves.
From your outer calves,
your inner calves,
your tibias.

Stretch your arms from your ankles,
your front ankles, your back ankles, your inner ankles, and outer.
Stretch your arms from your heels,
from your toes, your toenails.

From your toenails to your fingernails… stretch!
From your baby toenails to baby fingernails,
from your ring toenails to ring fingernails,
from your middle toenails to middle fingernails,
from your second toenails to index fingernails,
from your big toenails to your thumbnails,
stretch, stretch, stretch your arms.

From your hair to your skin to your fat,
from your muscles, to your bones,
the sensations of stretching
your arms draw inward.

Stretch your arms.
Absorb your sense of touch…
Your skin, your muscles, your bones.
Touch from your skin through every layer.

Absorb your sense of sight.
Let light and form exist without eyes to see them.
Soften your eyes, their impulses receding back behind your sinuses.

Absorb your sense of smell.
Smell with the inner nostrils, the outer, front and back.
Follow smell from your nostrils into your sinuses.
Let sight and smell meet above the palate.

Absorb your sense of taste.
Release between your tongue and palate.
Feel your tongue moisten, nestling against your lower teeth.
Taste the saliva sliding back into your throat.
Where your tongue meets your throat,
let sight, smell, and taste mingle.

Absorb your sense of hearing.
Listen with all of your ears’ edges.
Hear beyond your ears, listening within.
Opening your ear canals, sound falls into your throat.

Let sight, smell, taste, and hearing converge
at the bridge between head and heart.
Absorb the senses down, down
through your heart
to your gut.

Digest your sensations.
Let them filter down through your pelvis
into your legs, down, down, all the way to your feet
— and beyond.

Stretch your arms from beyond your feet to beyond your fingers.
Stretch your sensations from husk to pith.
Stretch your arms from your senses,
to every layer your being.

Stretch your arms.

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