Yoga: Point + Process — pre-orders open!

I’m extremely pleased to announce that my first book, Yoga: Point + Process is now available for pre-order!

Yoga: Point + Process

This book has been in the making for several years, and I’m so excited to finally be ready to share my hard work with everyone.

Yoga: Point + Process, Volume 1 outlines 36 Basic Yoga Poses, each one presented in four stages:

  • Simplify reduces the pose to its most rudimentary form
  • Explore develops the pose, increasing resilience and agility
  • Nourish deepens your understanding by resting in awareness
  • Synthesize blends sensitivity and inner intelligence with refinements

The book is fully illustrated, and each pose has complete, concise, point-by-point instructions to carry you through the process. Yoga: Point + Process is sure to spend more time in your hands and beside you on your mat than on your bookshelf!

It is the ideal teacher’s companion and a valuable practice resource for yogis of all experience levels.

Yoga: Point + Process will be released Saturday November 25 at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal, and if you are in the Montreal area you can pick up your copy at the launch!

Pre-order for 30% off the cover price, or pick up a copy at the book launch for $40 — that’s still 20% off.

If you cannot make it to the launch on November 25, you can still pre-order Yoga: Point + Process before November 23 and be eligible for free shipping.

Yoga: Point + Process will be available after November 25 at $49.95 CAN or $39.95 USD.

Yoga: Point + Process Cover


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