Simple poses, continued :)

Been working all day, but have no time to practice? Take 5 minutes for this simple pose and your shoulders, upper back, and neck will thank you!


Sitting symmetrically in a chair or standing upright, clasp your hands with your fingers interlocked. Keeping your fingers interlocked, turn the palms away from you and as you exhale press out through the heels of your hands so that your arms are fully extended at shoulder level.

On your next exhalation, keep your fingers interlocked with arms straight and raise your arms up overhead. Push the heels of your hands and your index finger mounds strongly toward the ceiling (the sky if you are outside!) and at the same time, soften your shoulders downward.

Hold for 30 seconds to a minute, breathing naturally, and then release. Shake the arms and hands out, and repeat up to 3 more times. For a slightly deeper challenge, interlock your fingers one over so that if your right hand is dominant, your left hand becomes dominant (or vice versa).

Notice how your shoulders, back, and neck feel after each repetition, and observe any new freedom in your breath.



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