Another simple, but effective pose

Sitting at work all day? Need a quick perk?

The desk push is simple and enlivens your whole body!

Stand up. I know, I know, but it’ll only take a minute 😉

While you’re at it, take off your shoes too, especially if you wear high heels to work.

Place your hands on the front of your desk, near the edge and under your shoulders. Open your palms and spread your fingertips wide. As you exhale, press down into the desk and fully straighten your arms. With your arms straight and your palms heavy, step your feet backward on your next exhalation, folding at your hips. Step backward until your pelvis is as far away from your desk (and hands) as possible, and your feet are a little bit further back than your pelvis. Point the backs of your heels directly backward, neither toward nor away from each other.

Press into your hands so that you are pressing both downward and forward, and breathing fully and easily, extend the sides of your torso from your armpits to your pelvis. As you press your pelvis backward, gently tilt the sitz bones upward with each inhalation, and lengthen your lower back with each exhalation.

As your pelvis presses backward, maintain full arm extension. Notice if your head is dropping below your arms or lifting upward, straining your neck. Without bending your arms, inhale and lengthen the crown of your head away from your pelvis toward the desk, bringing your ears between your upper arms.

Keeping this length in your arms and torso, exhale and press through your legs from your pelvis to your heels, anchoring them fully into the floor.

Take 10-20 breaths, progressively softening your effort with each exhalation. On an exhalation, bend both legs and then as you inhale slowly walk toward the desk, lifting your head and torso back upright. Take a breath or two, and return to work newly refreshed!

Do this pose once every 60-90 minutes, or whenever you need a quick pick-me-up!

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