Even the simplest poses can be profound.

Whenever you need a quick pick-me-up, some relief for your neck, shoulders, or back, try this:

Stand facing a wall, about 6-8 inches (15-20cm for you metrics) away from it. Have your feet hip-width apart with your heels slightly wider apart than your big toes. Pushing down through your heels, inhale and lengthen the back of your skull upward as far away from your heels as possible.

Keeping that length, exhale and rest your forehead lightly against the wall. Then, bring your hands to the wall and walk the fingertips progressively higher until your arms straighten. If you have tight shoulders, take your time — you might not fully extend your arms today, tomorrow or next week.

Observe the sensations: if the sensation is gradual and warming, you’re working at a reasonable place for you; if there is sharp, localized discomfort, or if the sensations around the neck, shoulders, and arms is cooling, tingling, or numbing, ease off on the pose and walk the hands either lower or further out to the sides.

Rest here for 5-15 breaths, continuously lengthening from heels to back of skull, from side ribs to fingertips. Your breath may feel shallow while you’re there, but notice how easy your breath feels after you release from the pose. Notice too any change in mood or energy.

Repeat this pose once every few hours to balance being inactive, seated, or slouching.

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